Your personal guide for Tarot, Zodiac Relationship Building, 
Classes, and Charms  

Welcome to Priestess Tarot. Whether you've had a trusted Psychic for years or are curious what it would be like to have your cards read for the first time, I am here to provide you with an extraordinary psychic experience.  

Together in a private, relaxed, and fun atmosphere, we take the time to explore all the Tarot has to offer you. Celtic Cross and Zodiac Readings.

What makes me different? My goal is not just to read cards. I read your life, your  challenges, problems and most importantly the solutions. I read relationships and goals. What I think makes me different...I see the problems that you are surrounded with and what can be done to make them into situations that make your life better.

So many of us have negative influence. Lovers, family, co-workers, and we bend under that negativity rather raise above it.

I know that trough meditation (spells) you can envision and create  a successful life experience. Let go of the anger and the JUDGEMENT and release yourself from bondage to find success and peace. Together we find your perfect solution and clarity. 

Want to change up your standard girls night out? Try a "Psychic Chick Party." These classes not only teach the Tarot, but test your own psychic ability as well. Parties up to 8 of you and your closest friends can enjoy an afternoon or evening of tests, readings, and revelations when we explore "the other side". Psychic Chick Parties can be custom built around your group and location.

Readings are available via appointment at my parlor, your location, phone, or on Skype. 

Tarot Readings

The Tarot Celtic Cross for individuals with questions and concerns, I offer readings by half hour and full hour appointments. Curious about what someone else is doing? Use the Tarot to find out what is really on their mind.

The Tree of Life formation require one full hour. I use the Tree of Life for couples and also for Zodiac Relationship readings.

My abilities allow me to use the Tarot to provide Seekers with direction and answers to your questions. 

Zodiac Relationship Profiles - Frustrating even horrible relationships? Breath deeply, it is not your fault.

It's possible you are drawn to a combative Zodiac partner. Based upon Zodiac compatibility we will develop a profile of the lover you should be searching for. The places he or she are most likely drawn to. Using the Tarot we will explore the future relationships that are waiting for you.  Zodiac Relationship readings require a full hour appointment.

Charm Bowls - Custom Made for you. 

Use the power of chants and charms to create and direct positive energy using charm bowls. By having a focal point to channel your thoughts and energy, along with the charms and chants I add, you can learn to focus that energy and manifest your goals. No two bowls are alike. Each one carefully created with your dreams in mind.  Learn to focus your energy in a positive way using a charm bowl made just for you. Learn the power of using your positive energy to create the results you really want.   Every bowl comes with a 20 minute online one-on-one instruction course with me. Because each bowl and charm are created for you, each charm takes 1 full week to create prior to shipment.




Positive change for adversaries - Help them move on and away from you

Classes, Groups, and Parties

A fun alternative to a "Girls Night Out". Ever "knew" what was going to happen next? Think there is more to the Universe? For groups limited to six, we test and evaluate your skills. Learn to focus your energy and develop skills in fun relaxed atmosphere. 

Interested in learning to read our own Tarots?  Classes are small and private. You and up to three of your close friends will learn:


Tarot history and how it speaks to you

A series of skill building tests

How meditations and creation allows you to focus your psychic energy using the Tarot

Practice readings

We also offer classes on Mediation and Charms and how they work.


Understanding of Charms

Using meditation to focus energy

Developing your chant or meditation

Building your charm and bowl

Directing your energy and focus

(All classes include complimentary appetizers and beverages *must be over 21 to drink wine)

Shannon-Christi Your Reader and Guide


Shannon-Christi - Your Guide and Reader

Use your inner energy to create a charm bowl


Charm Bowls - Focus Your Energy

Change up your girls night out with a Psychic Chick Party

Psychic Chick Party

Get Your Witch On With A Girls Night Out